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Fic is pulic, other stuff f-locked, but I have no particular friending policy. I usually add back unless it's an empty or long-abandoned journal.

Fic in reverse chronological order. Mostly.


Imitosis | Donovan/Anderson | PG. Prompt: For some reason, I have a sudden urge to Anderson h/c or angst. C'mon, he's gotta be more than just a one-sided annoyance purely there for Sherlock to pester - he's got to have his fears and worries and heartaches and insecurities, just like any other person. I'd like to see some of them~

A Different Kind of Normal | Sherlock/John, in the beginning at least. Possibly Mycroft/Lestrade preslash IDEK | PG. This is how it ends.

But It's Tradition | Sherlock/John | PG-13. In which Mycroft attends the Royal Wedding, John watches it, Sherlock attempts to distract him and an enjoyable time is had by all (except possibly Lestrade.)

Somewhere, Something Incredible | Mycroft/Lestrade | PG. Mycroft has never met anyone who worried about Sherlock like he did.

Baby Please Don't Go | Sherlock/John | PG-13. John is leaving and Sherlock needs to understand why.

Fa Subito | Sherlock/John | NC-17.  John wears a suit. Sherlock finds it extremely distracting. (Also with some input from Mrs Hudson.)

Doppleganger | Sherlock/John | PG. In which Sherlock and John visit an office and John has a strange experience. (Crossover with The Office.)

Just For This Moment + As Long As Your Mine | Sherlock/John | PG. John hates falling asleep on the sofa. Sherlock loves to kiss John to sleep.

To Quote Malcolm Tucker; or, Get The Fuck In Or Fuck The Fuck Off | Sherlock/John | PG-13. Sherlock is cockblocker and a prick tease, and John is not amused.

Sixteen Words | Sherlock/John | PG-13. He can't find the words.

In Which John Is Attractive And Sherlock Is Angry |  Sherlock/John | PG. Title = summary.

All Talk | Merlin/Arthur | NC-17. Merlin and Arthur make out. Arthur is a fool. Porn ensues.
Satisfaction | Merlin/Arthur | PG-13. Merlin isn't quite sure Arthur is as good in bed as he thinks he is.
Inevitable | Merlin/Arthur | NC-17. "You know, this would never happen if you just kept your damn shirt on."



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