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Thanks to [ profile] falling_voices for pointing me to this.

[ profile] awesome, the original mod and owner/maintainer of [ profile] sherlockbbc has set up a discussion post as to what can be done about the sitation. She's no longer on LJ much and has no desire to mod the comm herself, but is open to suggestions. If you have any, do please go and share them. I think most people would like it if she appointed two new mods, so particularly if you'd like to volunteer to do it, by all means go and suggest yourself (and remember that modding a comm of that size is probably a shitload of work). I'm glad it seems like there's a chance to actually change something :D

Let's try not to flame and wank, yeah? (If things actually happen) the mods are gonna be pissed regardless, but let's make sure any bullshit starts with them.
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I can only assume most (Sherlock) people on my flist are aware of the drama surrounding the [ profile] sherlockbbc comm (I don't know if I'm supposed to prevaricate and not mention the name, but whatever.) I've copped some of their rudeness and abrasiveness before, but nothing like as bad as some people I know. In light of the most recent round of bullying the mods have engaged in, I'm done with them. I could explain in more detail, but [ profile] stardust_made and [ profile] shezan are both more eloquent than I am, so I'd encourage you to look at this and this post if you're interested. 
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I'm maybe writing a thing and I don't want to jinx it by talking about it because it's been so long since I've finished something.


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