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I suppose Sherlock/John, although not really, as you'll see. Possibly Mycroft/Lestrade preslash if you squint
3200 words

This is how it ends.
A/N: The prompt was long, but the gist of it was Sherlock and John have an entirely amicable break-up, which confuses the hell out of everyone. Thanks to my beta for wrangling my commas and adverbs :)
John couldn't believe how long it had taken him to figure things out. )
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I have no excuses for this one. I was watching the wedding yesterday, despite how much I'd assured myself I didn't give a toss (but her dress was so pretty!) and was itching to write this. Egged on by a few of the lovely ladies on Tumblr, I indulged. So this is for Rosalia, Jess and Jamie. Thanks in particular to Rosalia who gave me the idea for a large part of this. I deeply apologise for any and all inaccuracies, the dijointedness, and the general unbetadness of this so if anything is glaringly wrong, give me a shout out. 
But It's Tradition
PG-13, if that.
In which Mycroft attends the Royal Wedding, John watches it, Sherlock attempts to distract him and an enjoyable time is had by all (except possibly Lestrade.)
They sit on the couch and watch the wedding and drink tea and make out and stuff. )
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After a week of not being allowed to go on LJ (well, not properly, I gave a friend my password and made her change it so I couldn't log on, because I have no self control), I come bearing 2500 words of Merlin porn I wrote for [ profile] psmithery, who saw me through a mostly fic-less week with pretty pictures of Tom Hardy and other such delicacies. It's completely unbeta'd and was mostly written at three am when I was trying and failing to wrap my head around stereographic projections and other such nonsense.

So here, have some porn, my dear, in which no one actually gets their hands on anyone else’s bits. True story. I know I said Friday, but I'm only two hours out :)

ETA: Now with bonus comment fic!

All Talk

Plot? What plot? )
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I love me some Mystrade. I've never actually read any that was terribly in character, for Mycroft in particular, but it's never really bothered me. This is no different. I suppose it's hard to write true-to-canon fic for two characters we've never even seen interact. God I hope they get some screen time together in series two.
So yes, more fic, two in two days. I wrote both of them a few weeks ago, actually. I just really need a distraction right now, hence the de-anoning and reposting.

: Somewhere, Something Incredible
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade (hints of background Sherlock/John, because I can)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Pining!Mycroft? I believe the term is Shycroft? Have your toothbrush ready. Also, unbeta'd.

Prompt: Mycroft has known Lestrade for years now, and has had a crush on him since day 1. But he never did anything about it, because not only was Lestrade's hair less grey back then, but Mycroft was chubbier, too. And why would such an attractive man want to be with a fattie? And so Mycroft diets and admires from afar for years and years, until Lestrade says one day, "Jesus, just buy me a drink and ask me to come back to yours, what is the problem here? I'll say yes, you know."

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. )
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To my eternal embarrassment, I adore romcoms, even the ones with Hugh Grant in them (especially the ones with Hugh Grant in them). So I wrote this, and am almost ashamed of how fluffy and cliche it is. But not quite, because, well, I love romantic comedies, okay?

 Title: Baby Please Don't Go
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13 
Word Count: ~7000
Summary: John is leaving, and Sherlock needs to figure out why

A/N: inspired by a kink meme prompt, so it's not entirely my fault. Unbeta'd, because it totally doesn't deserve it. Title from the Van Morrison song. 

The day that changed Sherlock Holmes's life forever began with three words. )
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I have officially committed Sherlock porn.

Fa Subito
John wears a suit. Sherlock finds it extremely distracting.
A/N: There was a prompt, okay. The OP wanted shameless suit!porn, crippling UST and frantic, half-dressed shagging. I went for the trifecta, and I tried my best. Title is an Italian expression meaning, as far as I can make out, "do it right away." It's from the song It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera), because I was listening to the Michael Buble version when I first read the prompt and it seemed wonderfully appropriate :)

Thanks to my beta, as always, for fixing my tenses and commas and generally making this better. Also to [ profile] lydt  to for the amazing prompt. And to Martin Freeman for being perfect and saying things like "I'd make everyone wear a suit, no matter what the weather. It would smarten things up," in response to being asked what he would do as Mayor for the day.
So, in theory, he should have known exactly what John would look like. In practice, he was absolutely not prepared for this. )
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Based on the prompt, Sherlock's favourite thing to do in the evening, after a long day of case work and running all over London, is to cuddle up with John in bed and kiss him to sleep.

In my head this is the same Sherlock and John as in Just For This Moment, but there is really no connection between the two. Except sleepy!John. 


As Long As You're Mine

John is nearly asleep when Sherlock finally makes it home. )
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Just a little ficlet I wrote last night in my prompt filling craze.

750 words

Prompt: "Isn't he sweet? I can see why you like having him around. But then, people do get so sentimental about their pets." I'd really like to see Sherlock getting sentimental about John. Stroking his hair while he sleeps with his head in his lap, kissing his cheek, holding his hand, and just generally going all gooey and emotional.

A/N: Title from the song 'Just For This Moment', from the musical Wicked. I currently have another fic in the works of the same title, but it seemed to fit here, so yeah.

Warnings: So fluffy it might smother you, possibly blatant OOC-ness. Un-beta'd as well, so do let me know if you spot any errors.

John hates falling asleep on the sofa. )
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Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~2500
Summary: He can't find the words.

A/N: Written for the prompt: Sherlock comes back after however-long of being in hiding. He has really missed John, coming to realise just how much he loves him etc. John has been devastated, he never got a chance to tell Sherlock how he felt. When Sherlock bursts in to 221B, barely two words are uttered before he finds himself pushed up against the wall, explanations saved for later.

EDIT: Now available as podfic, done by the lovely [ profile] mizg ! Available on Megaupload, SendSpace or Mediafire.
Oh look, a cut! )


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